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Are more Cancer Charity Runs and Walks needed in this country? 

You answer that question after seeing these stunning statistics.   “In 2013, about 580,350 Americans are expected to die of cancer.  Almost 1,600 people PER DAY.  Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths.”  These are astonishing and in simple terms, scary statistics.   Let’s do everything we can do to improve these numbers!

American Cancer Society, August 6, 2013 www.cancer.org

Kick Cancer in the Butt is an organization dedicated to providing the oldest and best cancer treatment centers in America with funding for cancer research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money through cancer charity runs, for hospitals to use for cancer research, eventually leading to better treatment and cures. 

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York is an example of the type of hospitals that our cancer charity runs raise money for.  The scientists that work with this hospital discover more effective cancer treatments than any other hospital in America. 

Creator of Kick Cancer in the Butt

Our organization donates direct to the hospitals, which allows us to cut out third-party expenses and ultimately give more money to the hospitals for researching cancer. Charity runs that we set up have minimal expenses.  The marketing for these races can normally add up to thousands of dollars.  With other charities, expenses like this cut into their net proceeds.

Cancer Charity Runs - Main Contact

Paul Paquin — Started KickCancerintheButt.com

Since Kick Cancer in the Butt was created by Paul Paquin, President at Golden Financial Services, their marketing department does all the website services and online marketing for our cancer charity runs.  Not having this huge marketing cost dilute the money we raise, allows more money to go to the cause, and that is cancer research.

Financial Reports

Following each charity run/walk our organization will offer a financial report on this website for the public to view.

Certain races will be for Pediatrics Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer and there are many other types of cancers that we may focus on over the years, but each race will focus on a particular cancer or cancers.  The distribution of the funds raised from each charity race will always be disclosed before the race on the events page, and after the race on the financial report that we publish on this website.

Sponsors for our Races Include:

Golden Financial Services

Best Business Options

Are you interested in joining our Team and helping with our Cancer Charity Runs?

Since these charity runs take a tremendous amount of work, resources and team effort, we are constantly looking for members to join our team and help.  If you have experience with charities or running races then please contact us at 619-840-4626.  Learn more about our first cancer charity run that will be taking place in 2014 in Cornwall New York.





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